The team at Equine ID understand that your horse is your most precious possession and as horse people it’s ours too! We have developed an innovative range of cost effective solutions to protect your horse and give you “Peace of Mind” when you’re not around.

Our New laser machine is the leading brand in laser marking. The laser marking technique allows ultimate precision and durability, resulting in a permanent finish able to withstand outdoor applications. Combined with a MOPA laser, it can also mark plastics with higher-contrast and more legible results.

Thus providing Equine ID, the ability to expand and allow complete freedom to offer programmable QR codes, serial numbers e.g.: Microchip numbers, barcodes, detailed custom logos, custom designs and loads more! Our laser machine is the perfect combination of intelligent software and highest quality hardware on the market, coupled with our professionally trained staff for operation. In comparison to other technologies, the use of lasers for marking offers unbeatable advantages and longevity with a superior quality finish!

Our innovative range of products have been specifically developed through custom designed tooling concepts and made by an Australian ISO 9001:2005. Certified Injection moulding company. The plastic material compound we use for our ID Plates and Tags has the ability to withstand 270 degrees.

Proudly 100% Australian Made and Owned and we offer a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

History of Equine ID Solutions

Established by founder, Jade Spicer in 2014, Equine ID was an idea that was created as a practical concept to identify her horse in an emergency situation and grew into an idea to help other horse owners.

Jade, a passionate and dedicated Western Competitor, had her prized competition horse suffer a bout of colic that required surgery.  After a lengthy rehabilitation, Lexie returned to the show pen and went on to achieve numerous wins at a top level again. Once back out competing, Lexie had a habit of taking a nap in her stable. There were many times when Jade would have people approaching her, saying that Lexie may be sick again. Jade also experienced a horse that had cast itself and the horse was unidentifiable for some time.

As a result of these 2 incidents, Jade searched for a product that could help keep horses identified and discovered there was nothing on the market and a new suite of products was shaped.

Lexie is now enjoying semi retirement, as a pampered pony (with team member Catherine) and Jade is continuing to develop and create new products that will make horse identification so much easier.