Shane Woodall
SW Horsemanship

I am Shane Woodall from SW Horsemanship and I can’t recommend these products from Equine ID Solutions enough.  There are products for all, whether you are a trail rider to a trainer. As a trainer I use some blank ID plates so I can fill in a clients horses details while they have there stay with me. I have a full team of horses I travel with while doing Extreme Cowboy Racing, also travel for clinics I run. All my horses have their own pre printed Id Plates so when we are away they are in there stalls and I am away my details are on them I can be contacted if needed.  If you want peace of mind for your horses like I do for mine you will not look past these awesome products. The amazing staff are always happy to help you get what you need.

Tanya McKinnon
Owner - Yering Equestrian Centre

Equine ID solutions have definitely made our Agistment facility run so much smoother and more efficiently. We have name plates on each horses gate so feeding is a breeze. No need to list which feed matches which paddock. They have also proved handy in urgent situations like colic. Emergency numbers are on hand immediately along with vet numbers. They look fabulous and clip on and off in seconds when horses move paddocks. So much easier than the old cable ties and laminated paper. We also have a lot of safety signs that look neat and tidy but are also effective that we screwed into place! We have had many comments on how professional our signs look. Jade is super friendly and easy to deal with and nothing is too hard. Thanks so much Jade.