How do I attach the Stall ID Plates?

Simply attaches via two clips to wire/mesh or can be cable tied, screwed or nailed, onto your horse’s paddock gate or stable.

What is the best way to clean our re-usable ID Plates?

To remove permanent marker, we recommend using a cloth and cleaning solution suitable for plastic.

Are they ID Tags reusable?

Yes, depending on how and where you attach them, you can connect the tag into the locking position and slide it on or through the location you wish to position it, alternatively we recommend using a split ring or similar.

How do you attach the ID Tags?

We have a great range of attachment videos and each order is sent with a instruction on attachment!

Click here to view our guide on attaching id tags

Would you leave our ID Tags on in a fire?

Our products are able to with stand 270 degrees however we do not recommend you leave any tack on your horse in the event of a fire.